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Vampire Legacy

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Vampire Legacy

August, 2011

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Defeat the Vampire Lord Edmund and his minions. Protect the town as you set out with just the clothes on your back and a few wooden stakes. Villagers sing your praise and cry for your help in their struggle to cleanse the land.
Slay evil, upgrade your gear, get a real sword, and adventure with companions along the way – are you ready for the challenge? Play Vampire Legacy Now!


Hunter of vampires and savior.. or victim? Someone must stop the evil plaguing the realm! In Vampire Legacy, you will take on legions of fearsome creatures and undead armies as you fight to clear the lands of evil.

• Unlock hidden areas and monsters.
• Challenge your friends to Arena Battles.
• Explore the land to reveal more adventure.
• Protect the troubled villagers.

In true RPG style, Vampire Legacy provides a in-depth combat system, true character development, and a deep story-line to immerse yourself in! And of course there are also lots of companions, weapons, spells, and powerful gear to help you along the way!

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