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Syfy Monster Island

December, 2011

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In early 2011, after fishing boat was reported in distress and lost somewhere deep in the Pacific Ocean, it didn’t make much sense for the International Special Investigation and Research Agency, also known as ISIRA, to get involved in a trivial rescue mission. What was not released to the public were the circumstances of the disappearance of the boat: satellite images show a giant octopus dragging the boat to a nearby island. The satellite images revealed a lot more than was first expected:
As a monster specialist, you’ve been selected to be part of a team tasked to explore the island and capture the creatures that inhabit it. The terrible paradise awaits… don’t forget to pack your grenades!


Travel to Monster Island to battle monsters from Syfy’s popular Saturday Original Movies franchise. Capture these mysterious creatures and keep them in your own Monster Sanctuary to study them and discover the dark secrets of their origins on an adventure-filled social modern-era RPG.
Along the way you will encounter foes and allies, train powerful skills, acquire a variety of guns and high-tech weapons and craft ammunition with different effects.

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