Fantasy Kingdom

RELEASED:  April 2010


Background Story

In the magical lands of Isdyle, spell casters focused on tending to the land and studying powerful spells for more magical and wondrous creations. As newly graduated candidates from the School of Magic on the eastern coast of Sylvana, you have been awarded your own land to tend and build your kingdom from. After meeting your neighbors and gathering your mana, you begin weaving the magic that will bring your new kingdom to life!

As you advance in your abilities, you unlock new spells, discover many new magical creatures, and continue the expansion of your kingdom. During your journey to make the perfect kingdom, you are given opportunities to acquire additional kingdoms and participate in challenges given out to you by Harmony, the head spell-weaver. Are you ready for your own fairy tale? Can you become as powerful as Harmony, casting the most wondrous of spells and build the ultimate kingdoms? Prove it now in Fantasy Kingdoms – Play Now!

A Closer Look


Fantasy Kingdoms puts you into the sandals of a powerful spell weaver giving you the ability to craft magical buildings, conjure magical beasts, and erect powerful artifacts. By tending to your magical garden filled with wondrous plants and trees, you will receive more mana and reagents to expand your kingdom.

Don’t forget to visit your friends and neighbors to further their kingdom while empowering you with more magic to grow yours! Play Now!