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Careers is the original online football manager game, and a very lively community with users all over the world. Our organization is based in Malmö, Sweden and is split into three teams; the core development team implements new features in the game, the mobile team handles our mobile applications and the product team handles the day-to-day activities that keeps the game running.

As a web developer in the core development team you will take part in the development projects that implement new functionality for the game. You work with all parts of the product, in every stage of the process from idea to finished functionality and future support.

Your experience

We are looking for passionate Hattrick users with a few years of experience developing web applications. It is very important to us that you have a history with Hattrick and understand the culture and legacy of the community.

An ideal candidate will have experience from at least some of the categories mentioned below.

Web development, preferably with ASP.NET

Hattrick is a web based system and most of our work concerns the web site at You will work with designing web pages using technologies such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS as well as writing object-oriented .Net code to put data on them.

Database development, preferably using SQL Server

Hattrick generates a lot of data that is stored in a number of Microsoft SQL Server databases. You will write stored procedures for both storing and retrieving as well as manipulating this data.

Large systems

Large systems with high traffic rates often require specific solutions and Hattrick is no exception. We take a very pragmatic approach and often find that “best practices” does not always work.

Social game development

At our core we are a company that builds social online gaming worlds. Our two main objectives are to provide a strong core game experience, and to enable our community to enjoy and contribute to the game in any way they choose. We believe that Hattrick has a unique potential in the emerging social web and we are keen to find developers that want to help us explore this.

What we offer

As a developer you will be deeply involved in the future of Hattrick. The core development team works together with stakeholders to decide what features to work on and how to design them. All developers work on every part of our system, so there are lots of possibilities for learning.

We offer competitive salaries and will of course help to relocate you if you are not already based in southern Sweden.

To apply or learn more about this position, please contact us at


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